Thursday, 11 June 2015

Prairie Birding Part 1 (Where to look)

Here is my first series post. I hope to do a few of these on different habitats or families of birds. I thought appropriate to start with my own home habitat. I live in an open prairie surrounded by grazing and agricultural fields. Nearby we have cow, horse, and bison farms. In these grazing pastures have I seen Pipit, Horned Lark, and I hope to find Bobolink. Anyway, where do you look for these birds? The prairie is very open so to spot perching birds is easy, but many of these species are clad in brown, and blend right in with the grasses. Where to look? What will you find? All these and more hope to answer in these posts.

Protruding Bars are good perches for this Western Meadowlark and House Sparrow

Scan telephone poles or wires

Again, a playhouse makes a good lookout point and shell cracking refuge.

A rooftop it suitable as well. American Robin

Tall poles attract birds who are seeking attention, like singing males.

Anywhere with perches and food, like one of my homemade feeders of scrap wood.

Even a low stake will suffice for this Eastern Kingbird

Open sky, shelter, grass and perches is the perfect habitat for grassland birds.