Friday, 10 April 2015

The Art of Mimicry

This morning as I was walking outside to my morning class I stumbled upon a little songster up in a tree. This little bird was the European Starling, a species introduced to Manitoba in the 1900s. It has since spread all over Canada and North America and there is little place you can go to get away from these pests to many who do not realize these birds' talent as songsters. Anyway, as I was walking a Blue Jay flew over head and screamed his jay-jay-jay!  I looked up and as he flew behind the school another 'jay' screamed. Then came the warble of a robin from the same spot along with a few whistles and house sparrow call-notes. I was fooled by them all... trying desperately to locate the source. The amazing (and frustrating)
part was that the starling emitted multiple sounds at once; adding to his award-winning theatrical performance.