Thursday, 2 April 2015

Fort Whyte Alive

On Wednesday, April 1 I was able to go to Fort Whyte Centre where 162 bird species had been spotted. It was a very eventful afternoon and I wasn't dissapointed! I was able to add three species to my life list. An American Coot, a Ring-Necked Duck and a Burrowing Owl. Also that morning I saw a Clay-Colored Sparrow which made a total of four life list birds in one day! At the Center I was also able to see (not to my surprise) a ton of Canada Goose. I also spotted Mallards, Chickadees, Cackling Geese, Red-Tailed Hawks and much more. I got some pretty good shots of the Burrowing Owl which was probably my favorite bird of them all.

(Pictures Coming Soon)