Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Weekly What Bird Wednesday

Hi and thanks for joining me for weekly what bird Wednesday! This is the first one, so I'll inform you upfront that the majority of mine will be text. You will have to guess from what I write down. Enjoy!

I have a black head and neck with a white chin strap. Many think me to be a subspecies of a common cousin, but only recently did I become a separate species. I am much smaller and have a stubbier, bill, body, and neck than my larger cousin. My call is not that of my common cousin, although we look the same I make a higher pitched and hoarser, hence my name. Another clue, if me and my cousin are right by each other, is that my plumage tends to be darker than his. You can find me in the north of Canada and I migrate through Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in fall.

P.S: The last part of my latin name is close to that of the Winnipeg Jets' star goaltender!

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